A Week Later: Bloodstream Booted EP

Kicking off our “A Week Later” series where we will be reviewing an artist project and speaking to them some about their feed back from fans and more. Today will be Young Crazy’s Bloodstream Booted which was a 5 song EP that released last week. The project was solely produced by Readyrockjames and kicks off with “Pardon Me” where Crazy asks the listeners to pardon how he lives and what himself and the CrazyCamp does. The Molly Talk (Tweakmix) follows which is Crazy and Doe$ki popular Molly Talk track accompanied with a verse from Hampton, Virginias Bobby Blaze. Crazy released the visual for the third track “Da Wop Is Free” sometime ago giving honor to his role model and biggest inspiration in the rap game Gucci Mane. The fourth track “Moving Bales” features recently named XXL Freshman 21 Savage as the track flows fluently while the two seem perfect partners on a song. Below in our interview Crazy tells us about how that collaboration came about back in December. The closing song on the project is Alleyway where Crazy takes a more relaxed rapping approach while still keeping his usual trap lyrics about his life. Check out our Q &A with Young Crazy while listening to  Bloodstream Booted below.

(TPP) : What makes the Bloodstream Booted EP different than Sharks & Pistols or any of your previous projects ?

(YC) : “Bloodstream Booted was a ep entirely produced by Readyrockjames unlike other projects and Sharks & Pistols was a joint project with Breeze which added his sound and other producer sounds but this one is strictly me and rock sound”

(TPP) : What seems to be fans favorite song thus far ? and Did you expect that to be the track to get the most publicity so far ?

(YC) : “Fans favorite seem to be Move Bales with 21 Savage which is expected because people been waiting for that one to drop for a minute. Molly talk came out before so a lot of people rock with that one as well”.

(TPP) : What is the inspiration behind the cover art ?

(YC) : “The cover art was inspired by the movie Blow. Me watching the life of Boston George is a very indirection to my life on a lower scale of course haha but instead of the use of blow… me and Rock use molly … bloodstream booted  … and thats were it came from…”

(TPP) : Talk to us about the making of Moving Bales with 21 Savage ?

(YC) :  “Linked with 21 back in December in Atlanta… I just waited a little while to drop it . I felt like it was time to drop plus we just had the show together  at the Norva so im like fuck it im puttin it on Bloodstream Booted”

(TPP) : Can we expect a Bloodstream Booted sequel possibly since it was only 5 songs ?

(YC) : “It probably wont be a sequel but me and Readyrock gone have joint projects for the rest of  life… they callin me guwop of VA… thats my Zaytoven in that aspect then. But I got 5 song EPs on the way wit different producers .”

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