“New Virginia” Playlist.

As we all know in the early 2000’s you could argue that the Virginia hip hop scene was at a all time high. Artist such as Missy Elliot, Pharrell, rap duo Clipse and producer Timbaland were killing the scene with hit songs which seemed to be released every week. You could say that there has been a drop off in the hip hop scene for some years with Missy Elliot not being around for a few years, Pusha T taking a slight break from hip hop, Malice focusing on his spiritual walk and Timbaland being involved in hip hop from a different perspective all while Pharrell mastering his transition to more of a pop genre. That created plenty of room for a new age wave of artist which all are inspired by previous Virginia artist just as we all are. Dj Davy Wreck focused on this up and coming wave of Virginia artist on the latest playlist he compromised which features tracks from Virginias own Crazy Camp members Young Crazy, Swagga5, BDM members DP, Siryogaflame, Brooklyn Taylor, IPM members Doe$ki, Al Dom$, Jae R, Era Hardaway,#1DraftPickReem and also the rap group Breezepark. The playlist has solo acts from D.R.A.M, Sunny & Gabe,Levi Carter, Alexander Fay, Huey Ca$h, Andre Palace, Treez Lowkey, Lew Sid, Fory Marley, Intalek, A-Driver, Chris Y.E.N, Royale SWRV, Conscious Kane, Bobby Blaze, Opal, Fake Uzumi, Vonsensai, Bucky Malone, Fullmetalparkas, Doug Finesse, MACK, Young ROG. Take a listen to the playlist below.

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