‘Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven’


Kid Cudi’s long awaited sixth studio album ‘Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven’ released yesterday. This album is a double disc project with 26 total songs, Side A containing 18 songs and Side B containing 8. This album is definitely one where Cudi experiments with his sound which may lead to mixed reviews. ‘SB2H’ features Cudi as the sole artist no guest appearances which is unlike any of his previous projects. Throughout the album Cudi channels his frustration and struggles with his mental disorder which has led to depression and even suicidal thoughts through almost a punk rock style of music containing hard hitting drums and plenty of guitar usage which sounds utterly amazing. This album has a 90’s rock feel to it where you can feel the inspiration from Cudi’s long time hero Kurt Cobain and band Nirvana. Stream the album below with Spotify or if you are a Apple Music user you can listen there.





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