Pacers Grand Opening

Norfolk has definately become the breeding ground for Virginian creatives of all types.  Xzavious Rogers and his partners plan to offer the perfect meeting ground for said creatives with their latest venture Pacers. Pacers is the newest clothing boutique coming out of the 757. With their beautiful layout, cool brands, vision, and intuitive staff the collective could make some major noise in the near future.  We got a chance to speak with part owner Xzavious Rogers in which we discussed many different topics such as the vision for the boutique, the transitions made, ect.

Photography: 3rdconcept

Please enjoy the Q & A below.

What inspired the name? (PP)

The Pacers name is relative to constant movement, pacing yourself to get where you are going, not the fastest & not the slowest but constantly on time

Explain the transition from ilglnatv to pacers. (PP)

Ilglnatv is still active, just on the back burner as of the moment. I was honestly becoming discouraged in my creative space with Ilglnatv, it was just something I did not quite like anymore. Which is hard to understand even for myself; it was my child, something I loved since I was young! The best way I could explain it is like your high school sweetheart ( it just became repetitive & old ). My way of dress and design started to change around 2012 I stopped wearing skate wear and more contemporary garments. With that change I began to prepare for the future & my next endeavor. Myself, I feel like I cannot create something that myself personally I wouldn’t wear. So, in all honesty pacers was thought of and first designs came about around the summer of 2012 a good 9 months after Ilglnatv was released in VA. In all though Ilglnatv is still apart of me and I want it to reach its worth, I plan on revamping the brand in 2016.


Who do you want pacers brand to represent? (PP)

Pacers is for the kid who wants to not have the same shirt as the guy next to him (cliché as it sounds lol), but I wanted to make pacers something not as accessible to just anyone which goes into our price point and even our distribution. Everything is made in low numbers for that specific reason, but Pacers is kinda still an art project I want to see how we can effect the culture and I want to see how the culture accepts us and I guess then we’ll the see type of person who the brand represents.

How does it correlate with the designs? (PP)

Pacers in a design aspect is all about minimal hints of branding. I wanted the brand to be able to be worn by those of a mature nature.

Explain the layout. (PP)

I wanted a space not too big, more of a gallery than a store, the high ceilings along with the all white walls & exposed brick create the illusion of a bigger space. I had to make the interior all white because of the lack of window space. The hanging racks and Floating shelves are pretty much standards In any space such as ours, we will be adding fixtures to the store as we go from framed pictures to glass cases.


Name some of the brands you carry. (PP)

The brands we carry are Alife, MN07, New Regime, Night Train, etc. The brands we are moving towards are more contemporary labels that will be stocked within the next coming months. The most important brand we carry would have to be Pacers because it is only available at our location.

The Team? (PP)

Pacers the store has three owners myself, Xzavious Rogers, Carim Phillip & Joseph Cherry, staff includes Quentin Fielder, Tavon Graham , Dukeith Barrera, Matt Mermosura, Marshall Owen etc.

If pacers could bring anything to the area it would be culture, an environment where you not only shop but educate each other in what they like, and a place that provides a welcoming relationship from employee to customer. Within the next months, God willing, the expectations we as a company have will start to manifest. I’d rather not speak on what is next but rather show it as it comes into being. Overall I want to thank everyone who has supported us, we appreciate each and everyone.



532 35th Norfolk va 23508

Store hours:
Mon – thu 10am – 8pm
Friday -sat 10am – 9pm

Thanks for the support.

Special thanks to 3rdconcept for the pictures!

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