26th Annual Bayou Boogaloo

This weekend Norfolk is hosting their 26th annual Bayou Boogaloo, a festival dedicated to bringing us a taste of New Orleans style food and music. I stopped by today for the festivals start and I can say it definitely didn’t disappoint! The Louisiana feels hit you right when you enter, as you are greeted by a local jazz band and the sounds from another band can be heard echoing in the distance. Circling through the park all day is Eric Haines, the one man band from Seattle. All around are food stands from restaurants throughout Louisiana and even some from right here in Norfolk. The options are endless: crawfish, every cajun dish you can think of, blackened fish, shrimp, alligator sausage, alligator pie, jambalaya, gumbo, crab cakes, roasted corn, beignets. In other words it’s the best thing in the area right now. I tried food from three different vendors and all were amazing but with dessert being my favorite, beignets from the Praline Connection are a must!

In addition to all the food and music are stands from Louisiana vendors selling things such as paintings, photographs, personal artwork, hand made jewelry, clothing, etc. I picked up some cool necklaces from a stand whose slogan was “art made from found objects”. If you have some free time this weekend it’s definitely worth it to check it out! The festival will be at Town Point Park at Norfolk Waterfront today, Saturday June 20th and is staying until tomorrow. Admission is $10/a person and tickets can be purchased online. For musician line ups, times and more information click the link below:


Thanks for reading!

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