Millyrock !

As we all know every summer there seems to be a “new” dance that is hot for a bit and then becomes overly used at every party. Whether we go back to the “Superman”, “Motorcycle”, “Lean With It Rock With It”, all the way up to the latest “Nay Nay” and “Whip”. The dance of this summer will be the “Millyrock”. The dance was birthed in Brooklyn, New York by their very own artist 2Milly. He has captured the attention of the hip hop world with this new dance where you seemingly cuff your hands, just swing your arms back and forth, move your feet left and right, Then if your really good get some assistance from a friend and have them hold you up by the back of your collar ! (lol). The millyrock really took off this weekend after Travis $cott brought 2milly and the rest of the “SP” crew out to perform the song and dance. Get hip NOW ! check out below.


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