Marcus Robinson born in Meriden, Connecticut started his P-13 brand back on September 13, 2017. Focusing on taking the power out of the “unlucky” number 13, Marcus has been captivating the entire Hampton Roads area of Virginia with his designs and underlying messages ever since. The P-13 Coach Jacket can be pre-ordered now at P-13 Coach Jacket “First Viewing”

Designer: Marcus Robinson

Director: Jay Melendez

Videographer: Travis Ilapit

Music: Nick Lundy


Wearing many hats Niyah Nel above all simply prides herself as a music connoisseur. The 24 year old entrepreneur has already built a respectable name for herself being an African American female now owning EDL ( , Becoming one of the most notable PR figures in Virginia and also having one of the most successful local events in Hampton Roads history with EDL Fest. During Episode 014 Niyah touches on all of these topics plus more including what she has planned for the near future. Check out Episode 014 below now.


Ahead of the highly anticipated “Everybody Loves Reggae” Traptastic event set to take place in Norfolk, Virginia June 22nd. JOFROXI has released a a 35 minute mix that will have you dancing and circling your calendars for the 22nd event where she also will be Dj’ing. JOFROXI took to her personal website to issue a message for listeners and fans

“In honor of National Caribbean-American Heritage month, I made a mix that features a handful of classic dancehall party hits that I grew up listening to. In my mind 99/00′s was the beginning of my DJ career.

Being a first generation immigrant born in Queen$, New York the culture was all around me. I’d cop the latest soca/dancehall mixtapes on Jamaica Ave or at the roti shops on Liberty. My family was also known for throwing the biggest, baddest bashment parties on our block so my ears were always glued and my hips well in tune. One of many classics, and very nostalgic for me

So, heres a mix you can jam to in your car, or If you want in on the live action come out to one of these fetes I’m spinnin”

Take a listen to the mix below now.

G, A 22 year old Suffolk native who prides herself on her musical taste and credits her vast musical knowledge to being from VA. When asked about her musical taste she said “Ofcourse being a VA native, hip hop and r&b has been instilled in me because we were basically the sound of the early 2000’s” . She has released a new mix Experiment 01 that focuses on more “vibey” upbeat songs with perfect blending that will definitely compel you to play on any occasion during these summer months especially. Check the new 24 minute mix out below now.

Going by many names such as Lil “Yeezy” Vert,”Backdoor Bandit” and many more, In episode 013 we had a chance to sit down with sneaker reseller/entrepreneur Vonte Chemist. Throughout this episode he talks how he got his start as a reseller, reflects on selling 100 pairs of Pusha T Adidas EQT, why he feels being held at gunpoint during a sneaker sell was a blessing in disguise, his thoughts on Stock X and much more.

In Episode 012 of our podcast we sit down with Marketing Strategist Shod Harris as he shares his story about how he kicked the nine to five lifestyle and became his own boss, why his love for music marketing has died down since his start, what he has coming up for his Rebel Society marketing group along with weighing in on the recent Drake and Pusha T beef. Check Episode 012 out here now.

Chief Keef has been in the eye of hip hop media frequently as of late due to his ongoing “beef” with controversial New York artist Tekashi69. Last weekend Chief Keef was shot at by two unnamed male shooters while in New York, Although it’s believed that the shooting was in relation to the beef there has yet to be any confirmation. The beef though seems to have ignited Chief Keef to get in the studio and record as he released a new 5 track project tonight called Ottopsy where he frequently takes aim at anyone whom is considered to be an “opposition”. Check the project out here now.

As the media continues to frenzy over the explosive Pusha T and Drake “saga”, While they both continue to throw shots and diss songs back and forth Hampton, VA native Mackderico just released E.O.D (Duppy Freestyle). As stated in the title Mack chose to rap over the now famed Duppy beat and it is nothing short of impressive ! check it out here now.

In Episode 011 of our podcast we are joined by University Of Texas point guard Matt Coleman. Throughout the podcast Coleman discusses his basketball journey from AAU with Boo Williams to currently playing for the University Of Texas and everything in between. Coleman also speaks on having a close relationship with coach Shaka Smart, The progress of younger brother Chase Coleman, his high expectations for this year as a rising Sophomore point guard in the Big 12 plus much more. Listen here now.