Lil Nas X has finally released a complete project with his latest 8 song Ep titled 7. The entire project is only 19 minutes and two of the songs on the project are Old Town Road and Old Town Road Remix which is the clear number one song nationally right now with everyone the elderly […]

Still one of largest rappers of the decade Future recently has seemed to be only in the media due to social media rumors/beefs with ex Ciara or the comedic videos he drops occasionally on his social media platforms. Today however the Atlanta native has released what some are already saying is one of his better […]

Toward the end of last year, the artist known as “HotBoyPape” released standout single 8am In Brooklyn along with releasing a visual to songs like Hotboy Pape, Biddag and 3 Kingz all directed and shot by frequent collaborator Vidlord. Today Pape released the visual for his latest track 9PM Out The Red which flows almost as […]

D-Pow, a hip hop artist by way of Virginia Beach has a way of commanding a room when he enters with his charismatic personality and mainstay reflective “Cyclops Shades”. On his latest 6 track project, D-Pow puts that charisma on full display especially on songs like “Cummin” & “Talk S***” where he catches the listeners […]

Skepta is undoubtedly the most popular “Grime” artist in the United States according the the stats, websites and overall general population. Today the UK star released his 13 song album Ignorance Is Bliss led by singles Bullet From A Gun & Greaze Mode which also have visuals to accompany them. The album contains features from […]